Friday, March 18, 2011

New Blog, New Rants

So I kept my words, and shall now with love, place this site aside, and make way for

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A thought....

"Thought is no longer theoretical. As soon as it functions it offends or reconciles, attracts or repels, breaks, dissociates, unites or reunites; it cannot help but liberate or enslave. Even before prescribing, suggesting a future, saying what must be done, even before exhorting or merely sounding an alarm, thought, at the level of its existence, in its very dawning, is in itself an action-a perilous act."

— Michel Foucault

Monday, January 31, 2011

The Time is Coming..

..for me to leave and get lost in the unknown, again. I am thinking of starting a new blog to record my journeys. So, let's see.
Evidently, i Stopped writing, and its probably because there was no plot in mind except for the reality of living.
It's always been about writing for the Self, though secretly, I admit that i'm aware that once u have a blog,you automatically have an audience that u don't have control of.
My answer to that is that i really never gave a shit in the first place, about people's judgement/perception. Only the ones i care for,i guess.
By end February, I'll be stepping foot into an ambiguous zone, and in order to discover the PURPOSE of it all, only time will tell .

Monday, September 20, 2010

What went wrong?

Having to be told to be in the moment, is a sign of my disconnection.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Reminder that you're Alive

In a strange sick way, pain is what reminds us that we are most alive-be it physical,mental or emotional. And if we are able to adapt to this concept, things will get better :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hello, Truth

I checked into hotel Reality last night, and woke up in another world.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Transtioning into Clarity

Did you find yourself stalled in this fragment of time, when you find yourself clogged up in an infinite array of questions?
And try with alll your might to find a resolution-an answer that will supposedly reach a finale?
I wonder, about those rare moment we get tangled with, where we become so uncertain to the next steps, due to the battle between the mind and the emotions. This battle, is linked to the notion of 'connection', instinct- when we detect some form of certainty,sparked out of no-where, should we really act upon it?
When you find yourself lured into a situation that ignites inner undefined,emotions, are we really suppose to follow-up with immediate actions, before the moment passes?
Remember that time,when you met a stranger in the most unusual scenario, and then felt like you had just encountered the most intense vibration of a connection that is perfectly alligned in that spilt second?
What did you do?
Did you react,and made sure you made full use of fulfilling a desire?
I find it disappointing to see how we are absolutely willing to let go of a supposed precious moment, in defence of emotion and scepticism, where we remain in disbelief of the possiblity of utopia. We reject the idea of serenity, only because we were trained so very well to realize the necessity of hardship and pain, the case of not attaining our dreams-because that it's what keeps us in balance,and in line with what the imperfections of life are suppose to contain.
I think its sad, that you had to forgo the opportunity of ultimate highness, and just disregard a particular moment due to our caged -up mentalities. We are led to think that we should't reach the peak,without suffering. We are not suppose to attain higher level of awareness, because doubts are needed to be there, for the sake of sanity.
Well, I think this itself, will drive me up the walls, and straight into the state of being JADED.
I don't care what society says,and that is a scary thought sometimes. Detachment is ideal but a tough task to pursue most times, but we seek for it anyway.
I reckon its time to leave it up to you, whether or not you will step up and take the desired actions at those parcticular moments where it feels most right, and just do it..
because if its not now, then when?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Say it in a Song

One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise made
Four hands and then away
Both under influence
We had divine scent
To know what to say
Mind is a razorblade

To call for hands of above, to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no

One night of magic rush
The start a simple touch
One night to push and scream
And then relief
Ten days of perfect tunes
The colours red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

To call for hands of above, to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no

To call for hands of above, to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough

And you
You knew the hand of a devil
And you
Kept us awake with wolves teeth
Sharing different heartbeats in one night

To call for hands of above, to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no

The Knife - heartbeats / Jose Gonzales - heartbeats

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tired, drained.

When we get sucked in so much, that we get out of it in complete disorder?
All that we think is a product of our imagination,
It's like a fairy-tale,a story you craft for yourself,
and we tell ourselves that the only way to justify,
is by sharing them with others that keeps us believing,
that we maintain responsibility for an occasional reality check.

We forget

..that we should hold zero expectation on others, because it goes all down-hill from there on. Its either you reach infinity and connect on unimaginable levels, or be disconnected by clashing into a wall.
that barrier we see in others, why do we have this sick desire to want to break it down?
is it because we are drawn to the excitement of the unknown, or do we succumb to a sense of satisfaction when we reach to conclusions?
when one question continuously ends up into another question mark, are we in the end of the day caught in a loophole?where those sudden moment of inspiration is merely a momentary answer, that keeps us in place in that short period of time.
I could go on really, but why would one have the strength to endure all these branched out thoughts?
Why do we bother seeking for the same answers, over and over again?


Let's try to take a moment to pause for a second, for this split millisecond, i'd like to draw out my thoughts, and somehow try to make sense of it.